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LDAP Tools is designed, tested and deployment in a Novell eDirectory infrastructure. No support is given for those who may attempt to try to use this system in other intrastructure as I cannot test and reproduce the situation.



All LDAP Tools products require the PHP LDAP Extension on either PHP4 or PHP5.


Note: these projects mostly apply to Joomla! 1.0.x systems. As of 1.5 SSO and Synchronization are handled separately. SSI and the library are provided by the Joomla! package by default.

Additionally, JDiagnostics at Pasamio's Projects provides a wizard based configuration system for Microsoft Active Directory. Other systems will follow shortly. JLogger is a small application (alpha) that allows you to retrieve diagnostics out of the Auth System. Install the Mambot first in the list of system plugins and use the component to view the output.

Tested Settings



Recommended 3rd Party Applications

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