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Kerberos is a technology developed by MIT to allow for mutual authentication and ticket based authentication systems and is considered a standard authentication system for most services, computers and users. Kerberos is implemented as the main form of authentication in Microsoft's Active Directory system and eDirectory also provides Kerberos functionality.


Kerberos Guides

Other Resources

These are alternate resources that may be useful in setting up Kerberos, mostly aimed at Apache

Web browsers


Kerberos and Apache guides

Kerberos Troubleshooting

Scott Lowe on Kerberos

This man has lots of really useful Kerberos related goodies and each page has useful comments that can help you out with a multitude of little issues. Some of it covers more than just Kerberos and moves into what you need to do to get Linux to play nicely, but lots of the information is useful even if only in part.

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