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Welcome to the Authentication Tools for Joomla! wiki (JAuthTools).

Authentication Tools for Joomla! (JAuthTools) are a collection of Joomla! extensions that allow greater integration of Joomla! into a corporate environment. By providing authentication support it allows both single sign on and single sign in style authentication against the corporate directory (e.g. openLDAP, MSAD, eDirectory) for Joomla! powered sites. The ideal that JAuthTools strives for is to avoid altering the core of Joomla!, unlike previous LDAP integration projects which required altering core files. By attempting to avoid this we aim to be more flexible in allowing users to easily upgrade their Joomla! site without having to re-edit files.

JAuthTools is comprised of various components:

Each component provides specific abilities extending the base Joomla! install. Different projects are relevant to different releases of Joomla!, so if you are new check out the Supported Platforms page to work out which project is for you and what you will need for each project (e.g. PHP5, LDAP, etc).

Additionally there is a history of the project, generic upgrade instructions and information about compatibility with other popular Joomla! extensions.


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Related Projects

These are some other Joomla! based authentication projects:

  • Mambo | Joomla! Single Sign On provides the ability to designate certain sites to provide authentication for other sites by using a module. It achieves a similar goal that OpenID does (but for Joomla! 1.0.x). JAuthTools has an updated version of this tool that works with both Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla! 1.5 in legacy mode, see SOAP SSO.
  • MySQL External DB Auth is a "plugin for Joomla 1.5 let authenticate users against external MySQL database. The plugin is fully configurable by Admin area where the host, port, database, table, username column, password column, first name column, last name column and email column can be configured. If the password at remote site changed, then you will be able to login by using that new password"
  • IOPlex offer Joomla! plugins to aide integration into AD at a cost.
  • JFusion provides the ability where "Joomla can authorise users based on other software such as vbulletin or phpbb forums (without making any changes to the core files)"
  • Authentication Manager is "designed to give the administrator the ability to use external authentication server (SSO) such as CAS, openid, AOL OpenAuth, Google AuthSub (when it will manage the userid), Microsoft Windows Live Contacts API, Yahoo BBAuth"

There are also some Joomla! LDAP related projects:

  • LDAP White Pages is a 1.5 component for building a telephone directory from LDAP.
  • Joomla! AAA is an "attempt to collect and build other authentication, authorization and accounting plug-ins."
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